Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yorkies and Oxfords

They just look like they belong together, don't they?

And they both happen to be 2 of my favorite things!

My fiance is no professional photographer, but he is happy to do the job! And I am a lucky girl.
Here is my ensemble today.  Looking at these makes me realize I need a good photo editing program, a better camera, and a couple applications of faux tanner!
                                                     Top and Skirt: Target
                                                     Belt: Maxx-i-nista'ed ;)
                                                    Oxfords: Steve Madden
We tried to get artsy and use different angles, but Shae took over at that point

                                                    and yes, I am still itchy! ;)

And just in case you didn't get a good glance, here is the real model of the day

                                                Happy Tuesday!


  1. HI Jillian!!! I'm a blog friend of Lindsay's so I had to come by and say hello!!! Your are too cute! Love your outfit and your Yorkie is ridiclulously cute! Nice meeting you!!

    xoxo Hanna

  2. Hey! I'm a bloggie bud of Lindsay, so I'm stopping by!

    Your hubs takes WAY betta pix than mine. Mine tends to cut out my feet for some reason - the most important part - the shoes! duh.


  3. OMG...I am looking for a dog and after seeing your darling Yorkie I may need to check them out! I love the "artsy' pics! You are lucky that your fiance is into being your photographer! I wonder what my pics would look like if I had a willing volunteer ;)

    WELCOME to the blogging world! Best of luck! It is so fun and addicting!


    P.S. THANKS for saying Hi! I appreciate it :)