Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shaken not Stirred

You know that saying "Stop and smell the roses"? Well, what if you are too busy trying to arrange them, that you completely overlook the smell?  It seems like we are always trying to make things better, while ignoring the fact that they may just be good the way they are...says the busy girl who has not stopped and smelled a rose in quite some time. 
So I put together a little treat.  It may not be roses, but a Spicy hot fix will do ;)

I 've decided to put my feet up and enjoy a mid-weekend drinky.... I don't know who Mary is, but she must have had a rough week too!

Hope you take a minute this weekend to stop and enjoy something!


  1. First of all, I am OBSESSED with those shoes! Secondly, I want to come over for a bloody mary...those are my FAVORITE :)

  2. Thank you Lindsay! This was my first time making them, you are welcome to come by anytime for one! :)