Friday, July 22, 2011

Secrets Out!

If you haven't guessed yet...
I love shoes!
These are Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohls

I spent most of the day in a cardigan, but braved a dress none the less ;)

I will be up bright and early tomorrow to lay out the goods for the garage sale.  The feeling of selling worn treasured items makes my stomach turn, why am I so attached to something that someone will try to offer me 50 cents for? If they only knew the story behind that tattered tee, will they get as much out of it as I did?

It's hard to let things go
The past is the past, and what we are left with is a memory. 

Cheers to new beginnings, and life lessons....

And Chardonnay with Carrot cake cupcakes :)

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