Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween fun

it is 2 days away from my second favorite first favorite is Thanksgiving, of course. I love Halloween because I will take any excuse to dress up and party! My costume for this year is almost complete, just working out the last little details. I will give you a hint, I used a whole lotta yarn in my creation. This year it was half bought, half home made, but even the store bought items have been altered to my liking :)

To show you how much me and Matt get in the spirit this time of year, I thought I would take a little walk down memory lane of Halloween's past costumes. Enjoy :)

Ron Bergundy and Veronica Corningstone. "And Thanks for stopping By San Diego" ;) we love Anchorman

With 2007 came sluttier costumes... and only appropriate for my dirty mouth and Jameson drinking era was to be a Sailor, and Mr Matt as Steve Zissou.. Life Aquatic!

I went with the Cowgirl theme, and Matt went for Stretchy pant as Nacho Libre...and of course Shae was my little pony with a mini cowboy!

Shae was a lion or a "Monster" and Matt was Max from Where the Wild Things are, and I was carrying on the theme of completing the Village People get-ups as a Native American. Mind you Matt had 2 teeth extracted just a few hours prior to this outting, and his drugged up self made the night that much more entertaining!

I went with 2 looks last year, for work I was Garth with my friend Gina as Wayne. And for the evening...
We went with the 80's theme. Matt was Cru Jones from Rad and me a Carebear, Love-A-Lot Bear :)

For some reason 2006 has been lost in history, I cant find the pictures anywere, but I was Alice in Wonderland, and I cant even remember what Matt was, hmph.

I can't wait to show you what we came up with for this year, and of course Shae has something in store as well! Happy Trick or Drinking everyone!!

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